Teri Steinberg, CEO of Plan a Better Future is the best of the best. Knowledgeable, understanding, excellent communicator and dynamic speaker and organizer. She understands HOW to “plan a better future” and takes into account not only the individual but their family, friends and trusted advisers when moving forward with the plan ahead. It does not stop with the plan! That is only the beginning… there is follow up and there is coaching as well.

If you want a plan that will move forward with life-changing results, it is best to work with the BEST IN THE INDUSTRY… that would be this company headed by a CEO that has decades of experience changing lives for the better. She knows how to plan and knows how to implement the plans made and she does not give up!

I chose to work with her on a plan for the future and so very grateful that I did… I encourage you to do the same for you or a loved one, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.


Teri Steinberg is an experienced problem solver and motivator. She implements the strategy needed for the greatest results.

~Cheryl D.

When my kids left for college, I had lots of changes to make in my life. It was time to decide whether my business should grow and move forward, or stay small and be a fun hobby. I sat down with Teri and together we uncovered my most important desires.

I figured out why I did want to grow my business. That process alone helped me get unstuck. And then we made a plan. A plan that allowed me to factor in all of the important things for me: my family, my business and some fun.

Now I’m clear on what I want, why I want it, and have created a roadmap towards achieving it. Teri helped me get clarity and get started. I loved the whole process with her!

~Cookie R.

Since Teri Steinberg has been coaching me on IEP goals, Social Capital and different Resources available to my school aged daughter, her life has been fuller. With Teri’s gentle guidance and incredible knowledge of the systems in IL, I am hopeful for her future.

~Carrie Kaye

Our family had a wonderful “person-centered” planning experience with Teri Steinberg. Together, we made an action plan for our son’s future based on his unique interests and abilities. Most importantly, Teri helped our son feel both proud of himself and empowered. Working with Teri was very positive and enabled us to dream and plan in a productive way.

~Hilda S., Deerfield, IL

Teri Steinberg worked with our family to help us think of the Big Picture Dreams we had for our son with autism. Thru the process we were able to dream for our son and create actionable steps to move from dreams to reality. Teri’s process was inclusive, imaginative and structured to enable us to walk away with next steps. Our family benefitted from her knowledge and support as we shaped a vision of our son’s future that removed limitations and focused on the possibilities. We are very grateful for Teri’s help in creating a PATH forward for our son to achieve his dreams!

~Stacie M., Barrington, IL. Proud Mom to Jake; Special Olympics World Games USA Equestrian Triple Medalist

Teri is a GREAT consultant. She is always wanting to help, very dependable and has wonderful ideas. Teri has a passion for helping those with disabilities. Teri facilitated us through a lot of personal challenges. I would highly recommend her services.

~Jennifer V., Saint Anne, IL

Teri helped my family setup a very successful support group for my brother-in-law. She does an amazing job as an organizer and motivator. Especially the motivating side, which from my point of view, is the most important thing she does. A journey of a 1000 steps starts with 1 step. It helps having Teri there to get you to take steps 1, 2, 3 and 100.

~Dave H., San Diego, CA

Teri is a phenomenal coach and mentor. She helped coach me and encourage me with self-improvement, career development, pursuing a college education, setting up a retirement account and financial plans, and so much more! Words can’t describe how much Teri has taught me and I don’t know where I would be without her help and guidance. Thank you so much for everything you have done!!!

~David Troupin

Teri is a known expert in the autism community throughout the Chicagoland area. She is very resourceful and always my go-to person. Highly recommend her services.

~Mary Flores Rios